June 2022


This refers to physical wasting due to a particular health condition. Cachexia is usually seen in patients with advanced stages of cancer, AIDS, and other chronic diseases. Individuals with cachexia exhibit loss of weight, fat and muscle mass, thereby experiencing weakness. Cachexia and anorexia almost always occur together. However, cachexia can also happen to those […]

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Weight Loss

Weight loss is the reduction of weight or total body mass. This could be due to loss of fluids, body fats or lean mass. Weight loss usually accompanies an illness or disease since the body is under stress. In severe conditions such as cancer, the patient suffers unintentional weight loss. 

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Acute Leukemia

Leukaemia is the cancer of the blood cells. Acute leukaemia is a general term for a group of disorders related to this condition.  There are four main types of acute leukaemia:  acute lymphocytic leukaemia chronic lymphocytic leukaemia chronic lymphocytic leukaemia acute myelocytic leukaemia chronic myelocytic leukaemia Patients suffering from this medical condition usually experience easy

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The Best Fruits And Vegetables For People Living With Cancer

Eating healthily plays a vital role in lowering your cancer risk. That’s true. But do you know it is also very important for people with cancer?  Eating healthy foods, fruits, and vegetables is suitable for people with cancer. Either they are being treated for cancer or are recuperating from cancer.  These fruits and vegetables have

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