Bladder Cancer Symptoms


Approximately 80% of patients present with gross painless fresh blood in the urine, while the rest present with microscopic hematuria, seen only after a sample of urine is submitted for microscopic study.

Other symptoms of bladder cancer include difficulty urinating, palpation of a mass in the lower abdominal area, pain in the abdomen due to the mass, weak stream, intermittent urination, straining, urgency or the feeling of being unable to hold urination, retention or the feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder, and increased frequency or having to urinate more than several times a day.

Secondary urinary infections may also be present in bladder cancer patients due to incomplete urine voiding causing stasis. Urine trapped in the bladder becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, causing infection.

Upper urinary bladder obstruction involving the kidney and the ureters is usually a sign of advanced cancer.

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