Vitamin C in Colon and Rectal Cancer Treatment  

Vitamin C Infusion in the Treatment of Colon and Rectal Cancer

Vitamin C has proven to be effective in the treatment of colon and rectal cancer. When the cells in the rectum or colon begin to grow without control, they lead to cancers, which are very common and affect all genders. 

In the United States, these cancers are among the leading cancer killers. When detected early, they can be treated. 

One of the treatments is using Vitamin C infusion, which is an alternative cancer treatment in our German integrative cancer centre. 

Vitamin C helps to keep the body healthy. It’s good for healing wounds, infections, cancers, inflammatory diseases, the common cold, etc. 

We offer Vitamin C infusion in our German integrative cancer centre. It can be used to treat other complicated diseases like Crohn’s Disease, Lyme disease, multiple sclerosis, etc. 

What is Colon and Rectal Cancer?

This is also known as colorectal cancer. is a kind of cancer that affects the colon or rectum. 

The colon is also known as the large intestines, while the rectum acts as a passage that connects the anus to the colon. 

Risk factors of colorectal cancers

  • Ageing
  • Family history 
  • Inflammatory diseases of the bowel, like ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease 
  • Genetic syndrome, like lynch syndrome
  • Lifestyle: ranging from the level of physical activity to diet, weight, drugs, or substance use.

Symptoms of colorectal cancer 

Symptoms of colon and rectal cancers vary depending on the stage. Commonly the symptoms range from; 

  • Inconsistent bowel habits
  • Abdominal cramps, pains, or aches
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhoea
  • Bloody stools
  • Unexplainable weight loss

How Vitamin C Helps In Treating Colorectal Cancer 

How Vitamin C Helps In Treating Colorectal Cancer 

Slowing the spread of cancer 

Vitamin C helps to reduce the growth of colon and rectal cancer cells. It reacts with specific proteins, which reduces the speed of cell proliferation.¹

Formation of new collagen

Vitamin C infusion is one of the alternative cancer treatments for colorectal cancer that helps in the growth of new collagen, reducing and resisting the infiltration of malignant cells.²

Strengthening the immune system 

People living with colorectal cancers are deficient in Vitamin C, weakening the immune system.³ This is also noticed in people with inflammatory and infectious diseases. 

Reducing the effects of cancer treatments

Vitamin C can be used to reduce the side effects of cancer treatments.⁴ By doing this can provide a better quality of life for colon and rectal cancer patients. In some cases, it can also improve their life expectancy.⁴ 

Other treatment options combined with Vitamin C 

Vitamin C for colorectal cancer can also be used as an integrative cancer therapy. It can also be combined with other alternative cancer treatments for better results.  

Some of them include: 

  • Curcumin infusion 
  • DCA infusion 
  • NADH infusion
  • Local hyperthermia and other alternative cancer treatments. 

These are not all. There are more. The combination of Vitamin C and this treatment, or integrative cancer therapy, play different roles in combating colorectal cancer. 

Let’s take a look at some.

Vitamin C & Curcumin infusion 

While curcumin will speed up the death of cancer cells, Vitamin C strengthens the immune system. The combination of these two can be used in treating colorectal cancer. 

Vitamin C & DCA infusion 

This helps slow down the growth and spread of colorectal cancer by speeding up the rate of cancer cell death. 

Vitamin C & NADH infusion

In this combination, Vitamin C complements the work of NADH which boosts energy production in a cell. They also have powerful antioxidizing abilities, and NADH can repair damaged cell DNA.  

Vitamin C & Local hyperthermia

Local hyperthermia involves using fever therapy at sites with suspected cancer cells. Vitamin C can boost the effect of local hyperthermia because it stimulates the immune system. 


When taken orally, we can’t deny how effective Vitamin C is in dealing with wounds, infections, and inflammation. Imagine its potency when given in high-dose infusions; this makes it a perfect alternative. 

We offer Vitamin C infusion in our German integrative cancer centre to treat colon and rectal cancer. 


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