Shogaol in Lung Cancer Treatment  

Treatment of Lung Cancer with Shogaol Infusion

Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death worldwide, with many treatment options to address it. While most of these treatments are effective, others are still developing. 

Aside from chemotherapy and radiotherapy, there are alternative cancer treatments for it. Shogaol infusion is one of these treatments. 

The substance is derived from ginger. It possesses some unique properties that allow it to fight off cancer cells in the lungs. 

In most cases of treatment, Shogaol is not used alone. Other alternative cancer treatments can be used with it. Together, they form an integrative cancer therapy

We offer Shogaol infusion in our German Integrative Cancer Center for the treatment of Lung cancer. It can also be used for the treatment of other cancers. 

Lung Cancer – Symptoms and Risk Factors

Lung cancers start from the lungs. Worldwide, they have one of the highest mortality rates.¹

When cancer affects the lung, it affects the gas exchange negatively. 


In the initial stage of lung cancer, there are usually no symptoms. But as it progresses to an advanced stage, some symptoms may appear. They include: 

  • Pain in the chest and bones
  • Persistent cough 
  • Coughing up blood 
  • Hoarse throat
  • Unexplainable weight loss 
  • Headache

If any of these symptoms become persistent, it’s time to see a doctor.

Risk factors

  • Smoking
  • Being exposed to secondhand smoke, radiotherapy, asbestos, radon gas, and other substances that can cause cancer 
  • Family history 

How Shogaol Helps In Treating Lung Cancer

Reduces the development of cancer cells 

This is one of the ways Shogaol is used as an alternative cancer treatment for lung cancer. Shogaol plays an important role in reducing the development of cancer cells to other stages. It does this by reducing the tumour cell viability and suppressing its growth. 

Once the cell’s viability is reduced, and growth impaired, the spread of the cancer is reduced. 

Arrests the invasion and progression of cancer cells

In cancer of the lungs, the cancer cells produce a mediator, which can stimulate and initiate inflammation in the lungs.²

The inflammatory mediator secreted helps in the spread and migration of the cancer cells. It also improves the characteristics of the cancer stem cell and affects immunity, which would be looked at in the next section. 

The characteristics of the inflammatory mediator make the cancer more invasive. And the more invasive it gets, the faster it spreads. 

With Shogaol infusion, the secretion of the inflammatory mediator is greatly reduced.² This reduces the inflammation associated with the cancer and the cancer cells progression.

It also helps to reduce how potent the mediators are by reducing their ability to cause the invasion of cancer cells. 

Strengthens immunity 

People with cancer of the lungs most times have a suppressed immune system. This makes them very susceptible to diseases the body would usually fight off.  

Remember the inflammatory mediator secreted by the tumour cells? They suppress the immune system and causes the infiltration of macrophages.²

These mediators, in turn, cause macrophages associated with the tumour to infiltrate the T-cells of the immune system.³ 

The more the immune system is infiltrated, the weaker it becomes.

However, Shogaol has the ability to arrest the action of the mediator or chemical. It also strengthens the immune system.² Making it one of the effective cancer therapy for boosting immunity. It’s most effective in people with lung or breast cancer.²


Shogaol is an excellent alternative cancer treatment for lung cancer. It reduces the development of the cancer cells and arrests their invasion and progression. It is also very effective in strengthening the immune system. 

These qualities of Shogaol make Shogaol infusion an essential part of integrative cancer therapy to treat cancer in the lungs. 

We offer Shogaol in our German integrative cancer center to treat cancer of the lungs. 


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