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The German Integrative Cancer Center always wants to offer the best protocols in the field of integrative oncology worldwide. Through my previous leadership roles, I have been able to work with many top physicians in the field and have used this experience to improve therapies and develop programs that allow us to help cancer patients at almost any stage.

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"If there is a man who knows more about natural medicine than Dr. Günes, I would like to meet him. He is one of the most brilliant German doctors I have ever met."

Patient testimonials

I have a strong belief in maintaining the integrity of my immune system in my determination to heal from stage four bowel cancer.

After extensive global research, I chose his clinic for the following single reason:
Dr. Adem Günes. I found him to be unique amongst all the Drs that I had spoken with.

He stressed that his approach was designed to first and foremost ‘kill the cancer’ – the treatment was not a wellbeing treatment.
During our consultation, he patiently described his key approaches in a way that really made sense to me.
Importantly, he didn’t sugar coat the treatment. He advised that despite the treatment being largely plant based, there would be side effects. But these could be managed.

The treatment I received earlier in the year was from an expensive Mexican clinic, and it backfired. Three weeks after returning to Australia I was rushed to the emergency department with severe abdominal pain. A CT scan revealed that one of my main tumours had grown so significantly, it was strangling part of my kidney. A follow up PET-CT revealed further growth.

So, while I had confidence in Dr. Günes, I was still filled with anxiety given my experience in Mexico.

I arrived in Hamburg after flying for 26 hours, feeling weak and anxious. The six weeks of treatment was challenging but with trust building every day, I felt my body beginning to respond in a positive way. The treatment is ‘real’ -every question that I asked about different drugs or supplements or plant based medicine was either answered with scientific backing; or was researched.

Importantly, blood tests were taken either every day or every second day to determine how your body was responding to the treatment; and if your body could handle additional treatment.

The patients being treated at the clinic came from all parts of the world – some with very severe cancers and unable to walk or talk. It was incredible to watch their progression over the course of the treatment.

After six weeks of treatment, I can’t say I was sad to leave Hamburg’s winter and return to sunny Australia. Five weeks later, I had a PET-CT scan and learnt that two of my tumors had reduced by 60% in volume; and the tumor in my lung had become necrotic. Across the board, all tumors reduced in SUV by an average of 20% to very similar levels, which suggests a systemic response had been achieved – as confirmed by Dr. Günes.

The only downside about returning to Australia is that I cannot see Dr. Günes or receive his treatment here. I’d be happy to chat to anyone about my experience.

What makes Dr. Günes special is his vast knowledge and experience of how supplements, off label medication, low dose chemotherapy and hyperthermia all work together with the immune system to weaken and ultimately kill cancer. He understands the synergy of combining different modalities of treatment, enabling his patients to have the best quality of life.

I was diagnosed with two large late-stage brain tumors back in 2017. My research on Integrative Medicine led me to get on an airplane and go to a different country to meet and work with the extraordinarily talented physician, Dr. Adem Günes. After witnessing his intuitive approach to patient care, wrought by extensive experience and research in cancer treatment, as well as his respect and regard for the well-being of each and every person, confirmed that I made the right decision.

Dr. Günes has been wonderful in helping me transition to a medical team in the U.S., while continuing to direct his protocol for my care. My future looks bright.

God Bless you Dr. Günes and your team. My family and I are forever grateful.

I was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, Stage 3, August 2018.
After 3rd line of Chemo therapy in Malta, my Lymphoma was still active. I was offered the 4th and last line of Chemo and I refused due to severe toxicity side effects experienced. I decided to start a treatment with Dr. Adem Günes, and in just 6 weeks of mild treatment with the most amazing team, my tumors reduced by 80 percent and I gained weight and feeling much healthier than I started.

Dr. Günes, I really would like to thank you for everything, the team and all the experience was great. Great job to all involved and besides treatment the service to patients was really great.

When my sister who lives in Ireland was diagnosed with cancer, we wanted to find the best treatments available, and thanks to Dr. Adem Günes, we found the best clinic for her. Dr. Günes reviewed medical reports and made recommendations for complementary treatments and recommended a clinic. My sister received excellent care and her tumour went into regression and now there is no trace of the tumour. She is back at home now on a regimen of supplements and correct diet. Dr. Günes stayed in touch during my sister’s treatments and was helpful with advice and suggestions. I will recommend Dr. Günes to anyone I know who gets cancer.

 I ran across doctor Günes’s name, associated with his knowledge of the various German cancer protocols, but with the additional knowledge he gained through significant study of herbal medicines and their impact on cancer. When I received my listing of protocols, I realized that Dr. Adem Günes was on the leading edge of cancer treatments,

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Günes’ services as he has provided us with much needed hope at this worrying time.”

My experience has been that Dr. Adem Günes offers several invaluable services that simply have no counterpart. Seeking a solution to cancer is difficult on many levels, with perhaps the most significant problem being the need for speed and accuracy in seeking the correct treatment center.

After meeting with our Standard Medical Oncologist and thoroughly researching all the success, and non-success of chemotherapy & radiation, we knew that only Alternative Cancer Therapies were for us. We found Dr. Adem Günes.

It was very helpful for me to get Dr. Günes’ opinion. I was researching about alternative cancer treatments but didn’t know what to choose. And he simply pointed me out in the right direction

Dr. Adem Günes

Dr Adem Günes, MD

Comparison between classical and integrative therapies

The main treatment methods of traditional therapies in oncology have not changed for decades. For most types of cancer, chemotherapy and radiation therapy are among their most important pillars. However, both methods have a significant disadvantage; they cannot differentiate between healthy cells and dangerous cancer cells and cause strong side effects.

Targeted Therapies

Fortunately, new integrative cancer therapies have been introduced in the last 20 years. The new, so-called targeted therapies recognize specific characteristics of cancer cells and therefore only attack them. Since they don’t affect healthy cells, the treatments are better tolerated. Of course, there are also rare, serious side effects here, but compared to traditional chemotherapy, the new substances represent significant progress.

Unfortunately, targeted therapies are costly and often not sufficient as a sole treatment. Therefore, they are mainly used as an additional option alongside traditional therapies.

With the help of the new possibilities, the therapy results have improved somewhat. However, the medium and long-term outcomes are still not good enough. Comparing the 5-year survival rate of cancer patients with the general population shows the current status of therapies.
While patients with certain tumours such as testicular and prostate cancer can be treated well and 90% of all patients are still alive after five years of disease, the situation with other cancers is not good at all. Only 20% of liver, lung and pancreatic cancer patients survive the 5th year.

What are the problems of classical therapies, and how can integrative medicine help?

Weakening of the immune system

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy primarily affect cells that divide quickly. Therefore, the primary damage suffers the hair follicles, mucous membranes and bone marrow. The latter is where the red and white blood cells, which make up the immune system, are produced. Therefore, damage to the bone marrow always leads to a weakening of the immune system. Since most cancer patients already have a weak immune system, this is particularly tragic.

Reduction in quality of life

Chemotherapies are toxic agents and can cause severe damage to organs. If essential organs such as the heart, kidneys, and liver are affected, the organism can often no longer maintain normal body functions. The patient’s quality of life decreases, and often the patient’s general condition is so severely affected that further therapy is no longer possible.

Adaptation of cancer cells

Another problem lies in the adaptability of cancer cells. After a few therapy cycles, cancer cells adapt to the therapy and become resistant. Although the side effects increase with each treatment due to organ damage, the effectiveness of the treatment decreases as fewer and fewer cancer cells die. In this case, doctors increase the dose or change the drug.

All these problems are difficult situations for every patient. Of course, he wants to keep fighting, but on the other hand, he doesn’t want to damage his body unnecessarily.


How integrative and alternative solutions can help?

Support of the immune system

Biological substances can stimulate the bone marrow to produce more immune cells. We can also help immune cells become more active and attack more cancer cells by changing the tumour environment. We also use therapies that ensure that cancer cells form specific proteins on their surface. These proteins then ensure that the immune cells recognize them as dangerous and eliminate them.

Improving organ function and quality of life

An improved organ function, e.g., the liver, means that cell toxins such as chemotherapy are broken down more quickly and excreted more effectively. This process automatically protects other organs since they are exposed to the cell toxins for a shorter time. Good organ functions ensure improved performance and increased quality of life.

Improvement in chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can only kill a certain percentage of cancer cells. We use natural substances to weaken and kill cancer cells by removing cancer cell resistance.

It is also known that changing the tumour environment can improve chemotherapy and radiotherapy. With the help of our methods, we can influence the tumour blood flow, oxygenation, pH value, and many other factors to increase the effectiveness of traditional treatments.

Reduction of side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Severe side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy are common reasons for discontinuing therapy. Several substances can reduce the side effects without weakening the main effect on the cancer cells. This enables the patient to maintain his quality of life as much as possible, even during heavy therapy.

Alternative cancer therapies

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have developed integrative and alternative therapy protocols for almost every type of cancer. If the traditional therapies do not work or the patient decides against such a treatment, we can work out an alternative therapy plan.

This includes attacking cancer with natural substances in combination with low-dose chemotherapy. The latter has few side effects, but its effectiveness must be increased with additional methods. The use of local hyperthermia can help here. It is a very well-tolerated method and can increase the effect of chemotherapy.


Integrative therapies play an important role in improving conventional medical treatments. We can increase their effectiveness and, at the same time, reduce their side effects. The goals are better therapy results, a higher quality of life and an improved immune system.

Our alternative programs are always considered when conventional medical therapies can no longer be used, for example, because the patient is too weak or decides on an alternative treatment.
In this case, we combine the best treatments that you can find worldwide in Complementary and Alternative Cancer Medicine.