What is Cancer?

What is Cancer?

The human body is made up of trillions of cells of different types depending on their functions. These cells are actively growing, multiplying, working, dying, and eventually replaced by a series of processes called cell division. 

At times this orderly process is disrupted, and abnormal cells grow and multiply. These lead to the formation of lumps of tissue called Tumor. 

However not all tumors are cancerous; some are, in fact, benign or simply non-cancerous! Fibroids are good examples, commonly found in women.

Cancer cells are body cells that grow uncontrollably and can as well spread to other parts of the body.

How can you tell a cancerous and benign tumor apart? 

Metastasis is an essential feature of cancerous tumors. Cancerous tumors spread and invade nearby tissues or distant tissues to form new tumors.

How does a normally functioning human develop cancer?

When the genes that control the way our cells grow and divide are altered due to:

  • Damage to the DNA by harmful substances in the environment, such as exposure to radioactive substances, chemicals in tobacco smoke, excessive exposure to sunlight.
  • Harmful habits like excessive smoking, drinking alcohol. 
  • If there is a family history of cancer, it is possible that these  mutations are passed from one generation to the next. 

How can I know if I have cancer?

Cancer sometimes doesn’t present with visible symptoms; however, there are some primary symptoms which are:

  • Lump in the breast, bloody nipple discharge, which are common in breast cancer
  • Skin changes such as a lump that bleeds or turns scaly.
  • Difficult urination is found in prostate cancer.
  • Bone weakness
  • Abnormality in immune function.

Have you noticed sudden changes in your body function? If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, contact us at German Integrative Cancer Center for world class therapy and care. 

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