Low dose chemotherapy / IPT / Insulin potentiated Chemotherapy

Brief description of low dose chemotherapy and IPT

In low-dose chemotherapy, only tiny doses are used. The aim is to keep side effects low. The treatment is usually combined with other therapies to reinforce the low dose.
A unique form of low-dose chemotherapy is IPT.

IPT stands for “insulin potentiated therapy”. In this type of chemotherapy, low-dose cytostatic drugs are administered in a state of hypoglycemia.

How does IPT work?

Tumour cells are mainly dependent on an energy supply from sugar (glucose). It is assumed that insulin-induced hypoglycemia weakens the cancer cells and makes them more sensitive to chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, the exact mechanism of action is not known.

Against which types of cancer can it be used?

Low-dose chemotherapy, with and without hypoglycemia, can be used for all cancers that are normally treatable with chemotherapy.

Low dose chemotherapy