Anti-Cancer Fruits to Include in the Diet

Anti Cancer Fruits to Include in the Diet

Fruits offer nutritional gains to the human body in substances such as Vitamin C, phenols, fibre, folic acid, and antioxidants. There is plenty of evidence showing the anti-cancer properties of certain compounds in fruits. Specifically, fruits such as pineapple, apple, avocado, lemon, banana, grapes, and tomato are the most effective in preventing and eliminating cancer cells.

The Bromelain enzyme found in pineapples, for instance, is capable of breaking up the protective layer in tumours. It can also promote DNA repair and the normal growth of cells. Hence, apart from its cancer-killing properties, it makes normal cells healthier and more robust.

Procyanidins, found in apples, can induce apoptosis, or natural death, in cancer cells. Apple peel also contains triterpenoid compounds that are highly effective in stopping the growth of cancer cells, especially those diagnosed with liver, colon, or breast cancer. That’s why it is advised to eat the skin of apples after they are washed thoroughly.

Cancer research has also shown that grape seed extract can kill three-fourths of leukaemia cells by triggering a protein called JNK, which encourages apoptosis in cancer cells.

The antioxidant Resveratrol, found in grape seeds, can also influence the natural death of cancer cells in the lungs, bowel, skin, breast, stomach, and prostate.

Grape seed extract and Resveratrol have been incorporated into many health supplements because of their therapeutic properties.

Some compounds in bananas have been found to be effective in preventing further production of leukaemia and liver cancer cells. High consumption of bananas is also associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer, brain cancer, leukaemia, oesophagal cancer, and oral cancer. They are also rich in potassium, good for the muscles and heart.

Many other studies have supported the immense benefits of fruits against cancer. A review of 206 studies has concluded that a higher vegetable and fruit intake is associated with lower cancer risks in the lungs, colon, stomach, pancreas, and oral cavity.

A study conducted in California found that the reoccurrence of cancer in women was reduced by half with the consumption of large amounts of vegetables and fruits in conjunction with regular exercise.

Researchers from Ohio State University also found that a high intake of fruits caused retardation in the proliferation of cancer cells, which means that fruits can also slow down the rate at which cancer cells multiply.

Dietitians recommend eating fresh fruits to obtain a higher amount of anti-cancer compounds. The recommended diet would be two-thirds of the meal containing fruits and vegetables and one-third containing meat.

By regularly consuming fruits, a person can significantly reduce the risk of getting cancer.

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