Vitamin C, high-dose, infusion

Brief description of High Dose Vitamin C Infusion

High-dose vitamin C leads to oxidative stress in cancer cells and can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy.

How does High Dose Vitamin C therapy work?

Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, is an essential vitamin found in many fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect in low doses, but a pro-oxidative effect in higher doses. Therefore, low-dose therapy is particularly suitable for immune support and protection of healthy cells and less for direct destruction of cancer cells.

High doses are used primarily in cancer therapy. They lead to increased oxidative stress in cancer cells, which they can no longer compensate for. Interestingly, healthy cells cope well with high doses of vitamin C. Direct damage to healthy cells by the administration of vitamin C does not occur.

In addition, vitamin C can reduce the side effects of chemotherapy and enhance its effect.

Against which types of cancer can it be used?

Since the mechanism of action of vitamin C is the same in almost all cancers, it can be used in most cancers.

Vitamin C Infusion