Quercetin in Breast Cancer Treatment

Treatment of Breast Cancer with Quercetin Infusion

Quercetin is a substance in many fruits, vegetables, and beverages. It possesses some characteristics that make it very good for treating several cancers, including cancer of the breast, which is very common among women.

Aside from cancers, Quercetin can be used for inflammation or as an antioxidant. It can also be used to treat high blood pressure, blood clots blocking the arteries or veins, irregular heartbeat, fat buildup in the arteries, etc.

Quercetin infusion is an alternative cancer treatment that can treat several cancers. Cancers like colon cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, cervical cancer, and most especially, breast cancer.

When combined with other alternative cancer treatments, Quercetin forms an integrative cancer therapy

We offer Quercetin infusion in our German integrative cancer center. 

What’s Breast Cancer? 

Women are mostly affected by cancer of the breast. This is the most invasive since it can spread easily to other body parts, and cause lots of damages as it does. 

The risk factors are aging, race, gene, family history of cancers or lumps, weight, and lifestyle. Exposure to substances like estrogen, hormonal treatments, and radiation increases the risk of developing it. 

Some of the symptoms are: 

  • Thick and dense breast tissues 
  • Lumpy breasts or armpit (which may not necessarily indicate cancer, but have it screened by a doctor.) 
  • Armpit or breast pain
  • Nipple rash or discharge 
  • Change in Nipple and breast appearance 

How Resveratrol Helps In Treating Cancer in the Breast

Stopping the spread of cancer

Breast cancer is considered one of the most invasive cancers that affect women. This is because it can spread. And when it spreads, it becomes more deadly.

Using Quercetin infusion helps prevent the spread of cancer cells in the breast And other parts of the body or chest.¹

Inducing the death of cancer cells in the breast

Quercetin is effective in initiating the death of cancer cells in the breast. It can also work for cancer cells in other body parts, like the colon, rectum, lung, liver, kidney, ovaries, and pancreas.

It can cause the death of these cells because it triggers the molecules necessary for cell death. Aside from this, it also stimulates the cell death pathway and reduces the proteins that fight against cell death in cancer cells.²

Regulating and arresting cell cycle

Quercetin can regulate and arrest cancer cell cycles in the breast. It achieves this using different mechanisms.

It can speed up the cell cycle, quickening the death of the cells. Or it can arrest it, totally stopping the cell growth and development.³

When Quercetin infusion arrests the development of cancer cells, it stops their spread. Its ability to arrest and regulate cancer cell cycles contributes to its ability to stop its proliferation.³

Damaging the DNA of cancer cells in the breast

Quercetin is effective in treating cancer of the breast because it can substantially cause damage to the cancer cell’s DNA.⁴

If you are familiar with your basic biology, then you know the importance of DNA to a cell.

The DNA contains all the relevant information cells need to grow, develop, reproduce and survive. It is vital in both normal and cancerous cells. Damage to the DNA of a cancer cell helps to arrest that cancer.⁴


Quercetin, like other flavonoids, can reduce the potency of cancers using different biological processes. It can cause the death of the cells or damage their DNA. It can also stop their proliferation and regulate or arrest their cycle. 

These characteristics are not limited to cancer of the breast alone. It can be used for other cancer types and as an integrative cancer therapy when combined with other alternative treatments. 

We offer Quercetin infusion in our German integrative cancer center to treat breast cancer. 


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