German Integrative Cancer Center

Monday to Friday

09:00 - 17:30


Neue Große Bergstr. 7

Hamburg, Germany


Program 1

Parallel Therapy

Are you already receiving oncological treatment? There are many factors that weaken the effectiveness of cancer therapy, such as resistance to chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Program Objectives:

All patients currently receiving oncologic therapy with chemotherapies and/or radiation therapies

Depending on the current treatment

Program 2

Integrative Cancer Therapy

Your oncological therapy was unsuccessful, or you are looking for an alternative? Our Integrative Cancer Therapy is based on scientific findings and can help when classical treatments no longer work.

Program Objectives:

Patients seeking alternative cancer treatment.

4 - 8 weeks

Programm 3


Your oncological therapy is finished and now you want to treat the side effects?

Program Objectives:

All patients who have completed oncology treatments or are between cycles of therapy.

4 - 12 weeks

Program 4

Online support

You can’t come to our center and want supportive therapy at home?

Program Objectives:

All patients

As required