Local head hyperthermia

Brief description of local head hyperthermia

Head hyperthermia is a method for treating primary brain tumours or metastases.

How does Hyperthermia Treatment for Brain Cancer work?

Tumours in the brain are treated with radiofrequency of a specific wavelength. This increases the temperature in the area of the tumour. Above a specific temperature and duration, cancer cell proteins become so damaged that they die. The critical temperature is only reached in cancer cells since healthy tissue has a better blood supply and can, therefore, “neutralize” the heat.

Treating brain tumours with chemotherapy drugs is very difficult because there is a natural barrier between the brain and blood (blood-brain barrier). This barrier keeps many medications in the blood and prevents them from reaching adequate levels in the brain. Local hyperthermia can help because it massively increases the effectiveness of low-level chemotherapy.

In addition, local hyperthermia increases tumour blood flow. As a result, poorly perfused areas are enriched with oxygen again, the acidic environment becomes more alkaline, and immune cells can interact more easily with the cancer cells.

Local head hyperthermia also increases the effectiveness of radiotherapy. Cancer cells that were previously resistant to radiation can be killed more easily.

The therapy is safe for healthy cells.

Against which types of cancer can it be used?

Head hyperthermia can be used for all primary brain tumours and all brain metastases.

Local head hyperthermia