Keeping Your Loved Ones Active During Prostate Cancer

Keeping Your Loved Ones Active During Prostate Cancer

Do you have a loved one and are wondering how to keep them active, especially after knowing they have prostate cancer? 

You are not alone. A lot of people wonder the same thing. And your loved one can be your husband, boyfriend, casual male friends, your dad, or even you.

Let’s look at how keeping them active helps them with prostate cancer. But before then, let us look at what prostate cancer is, the risk factors, and some prevention methods. 

What is Prostate Cancer?

It is the most common type of cancer that affects the prostate, a small gland in males shaped like a walnut that helps with seminal fluid production

Seminal fluid helps transport sperm and nourish them along the way. 

Prostate Cancers develop slowly, but they are different types. Some may require no treatment or very little human intervention, and others can get aggressive and spread fast. 

Prostate Cancer will affect 1 in 8 men in their lifetime, but the prevalence is higher for black men. It’s 1 in 6 men. Although most cases are detected early and treated, the diseases remain one of men’s deadliest. 

Some of its symptoms range from problems with urinating, blood in semen and urine, weight loss, and erectile dysfunction. However, in the early stages, there are no signs. 

Risk factors range from age to family history, obesity, and race. 

How you Can Help Your Loved Ones

All types of cancer take their toll on the mental and physical health of individuals with them. So it doesn’t matter if your loved one appears strong or seems to be handling it pretty well; they need some help. And you must show them you are willing and want to help. 

A lot of people want to help, but they don’t know how to. Today is your lucky day if you are among this category of people. The simple way to help is to “Keep them Active!”

How? Let’s find out! 

Regular Exercises 

Overall, exercise helps to maintain optimal health for anyone and everyone. But for your loved ones with prostate cancer, it works like magic for them. 

It would help your loved ones to stay active, which helps with weight and also helps to improve their moods, which keeps depression away. 

You don’t have to do the exercises every day. You can pick particular days in a week, and on each of those days, you can try out new styles and kinds of exercises. 

When doing these exercises, it is best to start slow and pick up the pace with time. That way, you don’t stress yourself too much. 

Some exercises you could consider include brisk walking for about 3 ½ miles in an hour. Or you could try bicycling, dancing, golf, tennis or gardening for moderate activities.

Suppose your loved ones are up for more vigorous activities. In that case, you can try basketball, swimming, running, jogging for more than five miles in an hour or walking very fast.

Healthy Weight 

One of the ways to help your loved ones is to help them have a healthier weight. This works in two ways. If your loved ones already have a good weight, all you have to do is to help them maintain that weight. 

If they don’t, then more work for you. You need to help them lose weight. You can incorporate dieting into regular exercises to help them reduce calories and stay active. 

Just in case you don’t know-how, you can seek the advice of your personal doctor or your loved ones’ doctor. They will be in a better position to help you out. 

How else can you help? 

If you have done the above, how else can you help your loved ones, whether living with prostate cancer or not? 

  • Help them know and understand the risk of developing prostate cancer and how to reduce it.
  • Talk about prostate cancer, and then perhaps, family history. If it’s your husband, you need to make him comfortable enough to discuss his family history.

The Bottom Line 

Keeping your loved one active doesn’t necessarily have to be stressful. It can be fun. It can help you change your whole family’s lifestyle and prevent unwanted health events. 

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and have some fun while keeping your loved ones active and healthy! 

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