Hydroxytyrosol infusion

Brief description of hydroxytyrosol infusion

Hydroxytyrosol is a substance from olive with strong antioxidant properties.

How does Hydroxytyrosol inhibit cancer?

Hydroxytyrosol acts specifically against cancer cells by inhibiting their growth and driving the cancer cell to programmed self-destruction. It does this by inhibiting substances that originally block self-destruction.

Hydroxytyrosol also inhibits cancer stem cells, which are particularly dangerous because they are often considered highly resistant to treatment.

Studies have also shown that hydroxytyrosol can inhibit metastasis. Metastases are tumour deposits in distant parts of the body. Their existence significantly worsens the success rates of cancer therapy.

Against which types of cancer can it be used?

Studies have shown hydroxytyrosol to be effective against the following tumour types:

Hydroxytyrosol infusion