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The benefits of our treatments


Our holistic approach combines the best options of science-based classical and biological medicine.


Our focus is to kill cancer cells, protect the immune system and enhance organ functions to achieve a maximum effect on cancer and protect the body from harm.


We are an international and experienced team, led by Dr Adem Günes, a known expert in integrative oncology.

Our colon cancer treatments include

Dr Adem Günes, MD

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Frequently asked questions

Where is the clinic located?

Our centre is in Hamburg, the second-largest city in Germany.

What do I have to do if I am interested in a treatment?

Before starting any treatment, we need to understand the course of your illness and conduct a medical consultation. To talk to Dr Günes, please apply for a free online consultation.

What languages ​​do you speak in the clinic?

Our clinic team speaks English, German and Turkish.

Do you have a post-charge aftercare program?

Yes. When you are discharged, you will receive a doctor’s letter with a medication and food plan to take home. The doctor’s letter also contains further recommendations for the time after discharge.

You can also conveniently send your laboratory and other examinations (CT, MRT, etc.) via our website or email after you have been discharged.

Do you also use classic oncological treatments?

We always use conventional therapies when we believe that the patient will benefit. However, we combine the treatment with unique methods to reduce the side effects and increase the impact.

Will I face severe side-effects?

All therapies in our centre are generally well tolerated. If we use chemotherapy (IPT) on you, we ensure that these cause fewer side effects through appropriate measures.

Do you believe in "hopeless" cases?

We can treat severe illnesses with individual measures. That is why we support our patients at every stage of the disease. Based on my experiences, I don’t believe in hopeless cases.

What our patients said

What makes Dr. Günes special is his vast knowledge and experience of how supplements, off label medication, low dose chemotherapy and hyperthermia all work together with the immune system to weaken and ultimately kill cancer. He understands the synergy of combining different modalities of treatment, enabling his patients to have the best quality of life.

Mike Lane, USA

Kurt Spiteri, Malta

After 3rd line of Chemo therapy in Malta, my Lymphoma was still active. I was offered the 4th and last line of Chemo and I refused due to severe toxicity side effects experienced. I decided to start a treatment with Dr. Adem Günes, and in just 6 weeks of mild treatment with the most amazing team, my tumors reduced by 80 percent and I gained weight and feeling much healthier than I started.

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