Artemisinin infusion

Brief description of Artemisinin cancer treatment

Artemisinin is a natural substance found in the leaves and flowers of the mugwort (Artemisia annua).
Artemisinin has been used for many years to treat malaria.

How do artemisinin infusions work against cancer?

Cancer cells require more iron than healthy cells due to their rapid growth and division. Compared to healthy cells, they can absorb more iron in a shorter time and have higher iron concentrations inside the cell.

Artemisinin binds to iron and is thus taken up into the cancer cell. Here it reacts with the iron molecules to form free radicals that kill the cancer cells.

This process is very specific to cancer cells. Therefore, healthy cells are hardly affected because their iron content is not pathologically elevated.

In addition to the direct effect on cancer cells, studies have shown that artemisinin improves the effect of immune cells on cancer cells.

Against which types of cancer can it be used?

Studies show that artemisinin is effective against the following cancers, among others:

Artemisinin infusion